The conservation program (Photo Gallery 1) is designed to give better understanding of the wildlife - its habitats and sensitize them with the value and ethics of conservation of wildlife and bio-diversity to meet their livelihoods resource needs sustainably to abate negative human-wildlife encounters and illegal wildlife trade. Their interest and appreciation of wildlife has been raised by telling them interesting stories of wild animals.

Current burning issues on environment has been addressed and generate realization that how human activities causes the degradation of wildlife and environment and their impact on human being like global warming and encouraging them for tree plantation, and explaining them with theoretical and practical tools to reduce global warming i.e. elimination of use of plastic to reduce waste and earth fertility, Use of compact florescent light to save energy, minimal use of pesticides, Car with gas kit to prevent pollution, eco-friendly festivals, preparation of rich fertilizer from vegetable waste, use of solar energy etc.

The Eco friendly activities are implemented during World Environment Day, include planting projects, summer nature camp, awareness campaigns in the locality.

As a part of information dissemination program, article on wildlife and environment conservation published in newspapers (Photo Gallary 3) and result of our research based project has been published in scientific journal to draw the attention of national & international research institutions highlight the need to protect the rights of wildlife and indigenous people (Photo Gallary 3). Millions are inspired and aware and become excited about conserving natural resources through our conservation programs.

Our extensive research project provides unbiased scientific information on status and ecology of globally endangered species has much focused for their long-term protection and restoration which would be an invaluable source for wild-life managers in conservation point of view. Through the research, the information on endangered species disseminate to IUCN (The World Conservation Union) to reduce their extinction.