Community based wildlife conservation is an integral part of our strategy. We facilitate and empower local people to manage their natural resources through education, awareness, capacity building, leadership and improving their socio-economy to achieve long term wildlife and environment conservation through volunteerism and philanthropic activities.

1) To raise wildlife and environment conservation awareness through innovative education.
2) To improve the Socio-Economy of indigenous communities to achieve long term conservation.
3) To develop local leaders for future conservation.

WCRDS raising wildlife and environment conservation awareness (Photo Gallary-1) through innovative education among students, teachers, and tribal community around protected area of rural India to mitigate and prevent human-wildlife conflict especially Tiger-human conflict.

WCRDS organizes agriculture and agro-forestry trainings such as sericulture, horticulture, bee farming (Photo Gallary-2) to help local stakeholders to manage their lands for conservation and to improve thier economy which provide long lasting benefits to community to ensure their appreciation and participation in wildlife and environment conservation and developing local leaders to manage transformational change to achieve long term conservation through sustainable use of resources & strategic land planning. WCRDS empowers them to be better stewards of the Earth. Such effective intervention reduced the habitat destruction and mismanagement of many area of rich biodiversity which is placing local traditional health and environmental systems healthy and ensured the rights of the indigenous people over their natural and cultural heritage which helps to build up sustainable balance between people and wildlife.

Our extensive research (Photo Gallary-2) project provides unbiased scientific information to wild-life managers which help in monitoring the natural resources. Through the research the information on endangered species has been gathered and disseminate to IUCN (The World Conservation Union) to reduce their extinction. WCRDS shares the global concerns of protecting endangered species i.e. Tiger, Lion, Leopard and Cheetah and has joined hands with such organizations (Photo Gallary-3) who share the same concerns. Participation in national and international conferences, research paper and conservation through media (Photo Gallary 3) makes more people inspired to conserve our natural resources.

WCRDS conserve wildlife and community through tribal hand made Painting and craft art (Photo Gallary-4) which help to create an impression amongst others so that they come forward and help protect these wild animals in their natural habitat.